The seventh volume of Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!?) was released on January 12, 2016 (Japanese) and June 20, 2017 (English).

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The three new characters are introduced: Touko Deguchi, Aki Hikarizato, and Hikako Kirai (nicknamed "Hika")! Yuki has to write a report and goes to Miki for help. They head to the library where they find Rise, rather, she finds them. Later, during a large group discussion, Touko discusses about the "virus." They collaborated on why that this "infection" cannot be a virus since lack of food would have killed off the zombies. She also discusses about going outside, like another outing (field trip). This event may force the School Life Club to split up. After the meeting, Touko told Kurumi that she preferred casual speech and that they went in to talk to Melee Fight Crew. Outside of Touko's room, Rii-san and Ruu were walking, that was until Ruu began to speak.

Sino killed four zombies! In another location, Touko drew a map of the school and marks off locations that were forbidden. Afterwards, Miki—now outside with Rii-san, Yuki, and Ruu—walks off to explore. She finds the grave site and the chemistry labs. Upon inspecting the door to the labs, a voice calls out for her to stop and listen. The person explains that it is safe to assume that the outside world may be dead since no communication was sent nor received.

Inside Melee Fight Crew headquarters, they discuss about the lack of supplies. One morning, Kougami—infected—fell out of a window. The Melee Fight Crew took assumptions as to why this happened but weren't too sure. During the night, Sino was seen without a cry of a single tear. She sniffs Kougami's hat and pats her stomach.

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