The sixth volume of Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!?) was released on August 11, 2015 (Japanese) and March 21, 2017 (English).

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While out on the road, a mysterious character was heard on the car's radio. From this, they decide to check it out. Resulting in Radio DJ's car keys and a letter. The letter stated that she would have wished things were different. Thanks to her, the School Life Club members had obtained an RV. Night falls, Kurumi—on night watch—walks off to see if the zombies are going to actively ignore her. She does so and three zombies walk pass her without a glance. She shouts, blowing her cover.

Rii-san eventually tells Yuki that she had a little sister named Ruu Wakasa. Meanwhile, Miki and Kurumi were overviewing the map, spotting a school named Namekawa Grade School. While on night watch, Kurumi sees a zombified kid with a sign, she takes him down. From this, everyone expect Miki sets off to the school to find anything useful or anyone alive. The group returns without anything or anyone new. During night watch, Rii-san is certain that her little sister was inside the school and singlehandedly goes inside and returns with her little sister. Since Yuuri couldn't recall what her little sister's name was, she'll call her "Ruu."

Upon reaching the next building, Kurumi was scouting the area with some binoculars. Flagging the others the OK and climbing over. After walking inside the walls, a boy shouts for them to drop everything. Soon after, it appears that Rii-san hasn't dropped everything and he shoots his crossbow towards Rii-san and Ruu. With great accuracy and reflectives, Kurumi intervenes and deflects the arrow with her shovel. The boy was puzzled but allowed them to take their leave. Back at the RV, Kurumi wants to question him why he chose to "shoot first, ask later." Resulting in a pursuit of by car. Another group of people were trying to flag them to go inside through the back. As they entered, the car turns around, retreating. After a few things were settled, the three new girls welcomes the School Life Club to Saint Isidore University.

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