The fifth volume of Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!?) was released on March 12, 2015 (Japanese) and November 15, 2016 (English).

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The School Life Club members were running another festival. During the event, Rii-san received some messages through the school's broadcasting system. From this, they ran to the rooftop and spotted the helicopter. Moments later, it crashes! Kurumi and Miki runs off to investigate and when they arrive, Miki spots a gasoline leakage. Before being able to duck for cover, the helicopter explodes. On the roof, Yuki manages to pull Rii-san off the rooftops to seek shelter in the basement. When in the basement, Rii-san managed to get some sleep while Yuki tried to go out and look for the others in her battle gear. Luckily, Kurumi and Miki had beaten her to it.

After explaining what happened, the School Life Club goes back to the hallways to cleanup! Yuki goes into a classroom and spots a downed zombie. She hesitates, but attacks. Looking at it once more, her illusions of her perfect school life began to fall apart and she flees. Later, Miki finds Yuki by the School Life Club room and the two began looking through some of their stuff. Rii-san gave some remarks about everything, saying that there isn't much use in keeping records anymore since everything was burnt to a crisp. Meanwhile, Kurumi finds various things, including a pistol. Sometime later, Miki spots Kurumi with the pistol and tosses it over the roof. Soon after, Megurigaoka High School's graduation ceremony began. When the ceremony ended, the students gave one final bow to the school and got in the car. Before they left Miki spots a single zombie, resembling Kei Shidou, walking back to the school. She hesitated on saying who she thought she was and Kurumi drives out.

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