That Time (あのとき Ano Toki?) is the third episode of the Gakkou Gurashi! anime which was produced by Lerche.

Synopsis Edit

Megumi is writing inside her diary, possibly being her last will?! She notes that she was still the teacher of their befallen school, Megurigaoka High School. From here, she tells us about a time before the pandemic. Many ordinary events happened that day, it was only a few minutes after school had been dismissed that the outbreak had started affecting everyone in a quickening matter. Despite all of this (and the pressure she is currently under), she believes that her goal as their teacher (and only adult) is to make sure those kids graduate with a smile on their faces.

Major Events Edit

These events occurred within this episode:

  • Megu-nee has been recording things in her diary
  • Megu-nee's backstory was revealed
  • Kamiyama-sensei (Yuki's teacher) was attacked right after the outbreak started

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Megumi is writing in her diary! Claiming that it might be her last will, she also thought, "Things have settled down a bit."[1]

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References Edit

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