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Oh, a choker guy, huh? I like him already.

—Takae, to Yuki; about Taromaru, Episode 1

Takae Yuzumura (柚村 貴依 Yuzumura Takae?) was a student at Megurigaoka Private High School, and she was a close friend and classmate of Yuki prior to the outbreak. She was a minor character in the anime adaption of Gakkou Gurashi!

Appearance Edit

Takae had short dark purple hair that was slightly wavy at the ends, and had a single pink streak. Her eyes were silver and she had a beauty mark located under her lip. She was seen wearing a black choker (her trademark), a necklace, a pink hair tie around her wrist, and light pink lipstick.

Takae was only seen wearing her school uniform, which consisted of a white short-sleeved shirt with frilled sleeves, a purple sailor collar (though unlike her classmates, she didn't have a ribbon hanging from it), a purple skirt, white leg warmers, and purple shoes.

Personality Edit

Despite her punk appearance, Takae's demeanor was actually quite calm. She seemed to have a playful personality, throwing paper planes at Yuki with a drawing of her depicted as an angel inside the paper;[1] however, she greatly cherished Yuki and was very affectionate with her, and she was also on good terms with her other two friends. It's speculated that she was into fashion, as she viewed her choker as a fashion statement. However, in spite of her relaxed attitude, Takae was actually quite modest; she was quite shocked by the fact that Taromaru, who she thought was a person, jumped on Yuki and tried to pull off her skirt.[2]

History Edit

Takae was a third-year student at Megurigaoka High School, and in the same class as Yuki. Takae, along with two other girls who were their classmates, would usually hang out with Yuki.

Story Edit

As Takae was officially infected before the start of the series, she only appeared as a supporting character in Yuki's delusions. It was seen that Yuki "talked" with Takae's choker when 'interacting' with her.


Takae as a zombie.

In Episode 12, Takae was officially seen as a zombie. She was "listening" when Yuki spoke in the broadcasting room as she told that the students who were still at the school, that classes were over and that they could go home.

Appellation Edit

Character What Takae calls them
  • Taromaru (anime)
Yuki-iconYuki Takeya
  • School Dweller
  • Yuki

Relationships Edit

Yuki Takeya Edit

Before the outbreak, Takae was one of Yuki's closest friends, despite their different personalities. Though she sometimes teased Yuki in a friendly manner, she greatly cherished and cared for her as a friend, and would often cuddle with her. Takae was amazed how Yuki could perk up so fast after receiving a scolding from Akiko Kamiyama.

Even after Takae became infected, Yuki began to hallucinate Takae in her non-infected form, indicating that she never forgot about her and still saw her as a close friend. When talking in the broadcasting room, Yuki remembered her school days with Takae and the two other girls, even crying while talking about it.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Takae and Takahito have a beauty mark located under their lip.
  • Takae was in Class 3-C.

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