Struggle is the 53rd chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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Hikako was looking down from her window on the second floor and only seeing zombies walk pass. Touko asks her if she had spotted anyone but Hikako nods her head no. Touko reports that they have blockaded the main entrance but Hikako is really worried about those kids. Touko reassures that Aki is on the lookout for them.

Sino was exhausted after taking down a few zombies. Suddenly, a figure appears from the trees and she reacts. However, she quickly stops her attack after realizing that it was Ayaka. Akaya tells her, "... that was dangerous."[1]. Sino apologies and explains about the aerial infection. Afterwards, Ayaka implies that it would be best to ensure that no one survives with a trace of them. Sino tells her that she might die. However, Ayaka insteads says the reverse.

Rii-san returns back into the room where she was captured in. Looking down, she finds Ruu (or rather, Guuma-chan the plushie). Rii-san quickly apologizes but tells her that they need to get back to the group. On the way back, a few zombies had caught up to her. Reacting quickly, she locks herself inside one of the rooms. Suddenly, Rii-san appears to see that Ruu was asleep and had begun to shout her name in attempt to wake her up.

Sino was standing by a tree and took out Ren's beanie hat. She then collapses, saying that she was too tired to continue. A moment later and a zombie begins to walk up to her. She stares at the zombie for a moment then threw her needles at it. From this, she finds her reason to live.

Back inside that classroom with Rii-san, Ruu appears in her arms. With this, Rii-san tells her that she'll protect her at all costs. Ruu then begins to point her finger. She says the word "outside" a few time. From this, Rii-san looks up and sees an open window. She walks up to it and begins her leap outside. Rii-san lands on the ground but is unable to walk. As the surrounding zombies begin to approach Rii-san, Sino takes them down.

Aki and Miki makes it back to the Fallen Crew's rendezvous point. As Touko and the others prepare to help lift Aki up, Miki spots a car driving towards them. Strangely enough, the person driving crashes the car into the school and begins to back up. Miki shouts, "Please, stop. Takahito!"[2] Takahito gets out of the car with a crossbow and points it at Miki, saying that he won't let her escape.

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