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Scar (きずあと Kizuato?) is the 19th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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19 04A

Miki stepping up and taking control.

Kurumi messed up! Miki took some leadership by telling Yuki to obtain the first-aid kit in the broadcasting room; she departs. Rii-san requested for Miki to help her take Kurumi to the sofa. So they do and Kurumi finally tells them that it was Megu-nee. This shocked Rii-san...

Kurumi was held up against a wall. She was shouting questions at zombified Megu-nee. Quickly, Kurumi gets a running start to attack, but freezes at the last moment... she suddenly envisions a normal, happier version of Megumi. From this, Kurumi locked up, giving Megumi the chance to attack first.

19 13A
Rii-san was cleaning Kurumi's wounds. Yuki wanted to be of some help. Thus Miki asked if she can get hot water and she does so. Rii-san began to get a headache. Looking more into the document, Miki discovered that the document listed a vaccine for the infection in the shelter. From this, Rii-san snatches the document from Miki and takes a look for herself.

Miki decides to go in and take a look. Rii-san argues that she cannot go alone. Miki repeats that it will an investigation; nothing more. Rii-san—once more—attempts to stop her by saying that Kurumi had done the same but became infected. Finally, Miki states that she, herself, isn't attached to Megumi. Thus she shouldn't have a problem when she encounters her. This gave enough reason for Rii-san to give Miki the OK to investigate. Before leaving, Miki took Kurumi's shovel and Rii-san, lastly, says that this wouldn't have happened if that booklet was never discovered in the first place.

Miki is running towards the basement. Along the way, she has thoughts of the School Life Club members, she is quite thankful for them giving her much a fun time. So in return, she'll help them. Now in the basement, Miki meets up with Megu-nee.

19 25A
Kurumi was bandaged up and Yuki is telling Kurumi about all of the fun times they had and tells her to get well soon. Kurumi's arm swings up so Rii-san pulls Yuki away. Rii-san—looking shaddy— asked Yuki if she can watch the stairs because she didn't ..."want to cause a misunderstanding."[1] As a safety precaution, Rii-san handcuffed Kurumi to the sofa. Whereas Yuki was standing behind the door...

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