Did you mean Scar (Manga), chapter 19 of the anime?

Scar (きずあと Kizuato?) is the eleventh episode of the Gakkou Gurashi! anime which was produced by Lerche.

Synopsis Edit

Rii-san is still contemplating about killing Kurumi with the kitchen knife. She soon realizes that it may be the only answer (since they made a promise, in episode 5), yet she couldn't do it herself. Meanwhile, Miki runs off, with Kurumi's shovel, towards the basement. She meets, talks, and kills Megu-nee. After, she obtains the medicine but has become trapped inside from a horde of zombies. Megu-nee began leading a path for Yuki to follow. She follows, in the hopes to save the others.

Major Events Edit

These events occurred within this episode:

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