Saint Isidore University

Saint Isidore University

Saint Isidore University was the school that Touko Deguchi, Aki Hikarizato, Hikako Kirai, Rise Ryougawara, Renya Kougami, Sino Uhara, Ayaka Kamiji and Takahito Tougo attended.

Just like Megurigaoka High School, the school has its own solar powered electricity as well as a water filtration system that can provide hot water. In terms of size, the university also features many dorms to the point where each member of the Fallen Crew and School Living Club has their own room.

This school serves two (known) clubs: Melee Fight Crew and Fallen Crew.

According to Touko's drawing of the campus, the Saint Isidore University campus has two wings and features a library, chemistry room, and sports field. In addition to this, it now features a graveyard.

Known Attendees Edit

Character Notes
Touko-iconTouko Deguchi
Fallen Crew president
Aki-iconAki Hikarizato
Fallen Crew member
Hikako-iconHikako Kirai
Fallen Crew member
Takahito-iconTakahito Tougo
Melee Fight Crew member (possibly leader)
Sino-iconSino Uhara
Melee Fight Crew member
Melee Fight Crew member
Renya-iconRenya Kougami
Melee Fight Crew member
Melee Fight Crew member
Missing, used to hang out with the Fallen Crew
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Locked inside the chemistry labs

Trivia Edit

  • The name St. Isidore University is most likely a reference to St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of the Internet, computer users, programmers and students.