Sacrifice (ぎせい Gisei?) is the 46th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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Strange, isn't it?

Continued from the previous chapter, Kurumi encounters the man from the Melee Fight Crew. Kurumi asked who, but was interrupted by him. While trying to pull her out of the area, he discovers that Kurumi's arm is "ice cold."[1] Kurumi pulls back as the man starts to swing a strike at her. Backing up, she flees. Picking up his hat, he starts the pursuit for Kurumi.

Miki is knocking on Yuki's door, she tells her that Kurumi hasn't returned yet. Yuki starts replying possible areas, like the bathroom, or in Touko's room, or that she has been out walking...? Miki had never heard such a thing that Kurumi had done before but Yuki tells her that Kurumi might go outside to scout the area. Miki apologies for the disturbance and walks off.

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Inside Yuki's dorm, Yuki is crouched up wondering what will happen to Kurumi. While so, a allusion of Megumi appears behind her. Yuki worries about Kurumi and tells herself that there must be a better medicine, but doubts that Kurumi will get it before much happens.
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R.I.P. Mysterious Man

Kurumi ran into a dead end, the man catches up and tells her that he won't hurt her. But believes that she cannot feel any pain from injury anyways. Stepping closer, he asked Kurumi if she wanted to test that theory out. Instead, Kurumi jumps over a wall and escapes. The man shouts for her to stop but continues his pursuit. Looking on ahead, Kurumi runs into the bushes and into a building. The man follows then spots and kills a zombie. He spots Kurumi's flashlight and he runs up to her. Kurumi appears of have given up and the man strikes. Kurumi doesn't flinch, but rather causes loud clunking noises to attract zombies. The zombies walk pass Kurumi and towards the man, as he freaks out, he tries to attack back whilst calling back to Kurumi, apologizing. Ignoring him, he gets attacked and killed. Kurumi looks up at Saint Isidore University and walks away.

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