This was a letter written by Radio DJ and was one of the last few items that she had left for anyone. The letter was found by the School Life Club in chapter 32. Upon reading it, Radio DJ states that she had been infected and had tried to end it herself inside the closet. Nonetheless, she had doubts that she would be successful. Lastly, Radio DJ wrote that her RV and home is handily available for anyone to take.

The letter reads:

Don't open the door!

I'll be inside it. In the closet.
I'll try to end it myself, but I'm not sure if I'll be successful.
If there are any strange sounds, you know what happened to me.
To anyone reading this letter, I leave my house and keys to you
If I could, I would have liked to have had some tea with you.
If I could, I would have left this place with you.
If I could—

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