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No matter how tough the going gets, I'll be here to give you hope and music!

—Radio DJ, Chapter 31 (page 24)

Radio DJ (ラジオDJ Rajio Dī Jē?) (actual name unknown) was a young woman that the School Life Club members were about to meet, at the radio station. She was a minor character in the Gakkou Gurashi! series.

Appearance Edit

She was a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early 20s. She had short and straight hair which reached her shoulders. She also had her ears pierced and a beauty-mark under her eye.

Personality Edit

She seemed to be a calm and friendly-looking young woman. And even though she was alone in the situation she was in, she always remained positive and cheerful, as she said that it would never hurt if she was too noisy when she had a broadcast; stating that it was very quiet anyways.[1] Though she knew nobody would listen to her speaking, she never stopped having broadcasts and continued everyday. Her determination led to the School Life Club noticing her.

Story Edit

Chapter 31
Radio dj2
The Radio DJ was first seen speaking when the School Life Club turned on the radio, though they at first mistook it for a music-CD that Yuki Takeya put in. As they heard her voice, they became very shocked and Yuuri Wakasa confirmed that it was the radio. As she continued speaking, the School Life Club became overjoyed as there was more survivors. She thanked everyone for listening and stated that it was too quiet outside lately, and that's why it wouldn't hurt if she was too noisy since it was quiet anyways. She then once more revealed her broadcast station; Megurigaoka Station 111. Before ending her broadcast, she told everyone that no matter how tough it gets, she would always there to give them hope and music, and then that she would see everyone the next day.
Chapter 32

As the School Life Club continued their journey, they turned on the radio whilst in the car and heard the Radio DJ speak again. She stated that it was another beautiful day, though she actually didn't know if it was a beautiful day or not since she couldn't see outside from the station. She continued speaking and told that there would be tea and sweets for those who would visit, to which Yuuri and Miki Naoki reacted to, and she then once more revealed her location. The girls then looked at their map to get to the station, but Yuki revealed that it would take to afternoon to get there since they needed to take quite a detour. And after a while of driving, they took a break. When they ended the break and got back to the car, Yuki and Miki talked about how the Radio DJ girl could possibly be, to which Yuki said that she was definitely a cheerful one. When Miki asked if it would be okay if there would be five of them, since there could be a possibility that they would end up fighting, Yuki reminded Miki about the first time they met. Even though they butted heads at first, they eventually made up in the end, basically meaning that even if the Radio DJ was a “scary” person who the girls would fight with, they would make up in the end.

32 21A
At last, the School life Club members arrived. Miki suspected that the house was built like they knew that the apocalypse would occur. They then went in with a ladder, but as they came in, they didn't see anyone. Miki then heard someone banging from a closet while Kurumi Ebisuzawa saw a letter, and she picked it up. It was a letter directly written by the Radio DJ. She warned them to not open the closet as she explained that she would try to end herself, though she didn't know if she would be successful or not. She also wrote that if they heard any weird sounds, they knew what happened to her. She then entrusted her car keys and house to the possible survivors who was reading the letter as well as writing that she would love to have tea with them and leave the place. The last few paragraphs of the letter had untidy and scribbled handwriting, revealing that she already infected while writing this letter but had already succumbed to the infection before finishing the letter. After finishing the letter, the girls was clearly being both disappointing and sad, as Miki even shed tears.

Though the house was very well equipped like Megurigaoka High School, Yuki stated that they couldn't since they were going to a university. When they came back, Kurumi explained to Yuuri that nobody would coming with them, but they did get a little present, the keys to the RV car. Before leaving, Miki wondered how things would have been if they got to the station a little earlier.

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Trivia Edit

  • When the School Life Club arrived at the station, there was a The Walking Dead poster in her room.[2] Coincidentally, both Gakkou Gurashi! and The Walking Dead‘s story is about a zombie-apocalypse.

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