Memory (おもいで Omoide?) is the second chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As Kurumi has dreamt, it was noted to be a team manager for the track club; however, her thoughts explained that she was only in it to chase after a boy that she liked.

After eating breakfast, Kurumi does her rounds to inspect various places of the school. At one point, it is shown that the stairs to the second floor were blocked off entirely with desks and wire, as inspected by Kurumi. While she was looking over, a zombie appears and Kurumi takes it out with her shovel. Later on the school roof, Kurumi was cleaning off her shovel. Yuuri appears and reminds her that she mustn't be doing things on her own. It is then now known that Yuuri is the president of the School Living Club.

Some time later, Yuki returns to the club room and says that Megumi and herself would be in for more one-on-one studying. From this, Yuuri then discusses that Yuki and herself should spend some time studying, but then pulls Kurumi into the mix (showing that Yuki and Kurumi are both bad at math). The two decline the offer but Yuuri reminds that they should graduate together. Yuki hypes up from this and pulls Kurumi into agreeing.

Kurumi had dreamt again about the boy she had liked while they were on the rooftop (continuing from the one earlier); however, it was revealed that he was already infected. Yuuri had to shout at her to take another look at him, but he had already knocked Kurumi to the ground. In a quick moment, Kurumi grabbed and swung a shovel that was on the ground and took him down.

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