Melee Fight Crew

The Melee Fight Crew (武闘派?)[1] was a club formed after the outbreak started. They are said to have calmed the chaos that followed the infection with an iron fist, their expectations often reinforced with their brute strength. It is one of the two clubs in Isidore University.

At one point, their group and the members of the Fallen Crew worked alongside one another, though the harsh environment they created eventually drove the three girls away and two factions were formed. Both groups have their own territories and they avoid one another whenever possible, through peaceful negotiations are sometimes held in a room situated between their allotted areas.

Those deemed weak, useless, or insubordinate were often left for dead. Since food and resources were constantly running low, the leaders had, inhumanly, killed (or at worst, lockout) a majority of their own members to ensure their own survival, without pity or remorse for their actions.[2]

It was said by Touko that they have strict rules that includes body checks. This is later proven when Sino strips down and is inspected for wounds by Ayaka.[3]

It was said by Hika that they only want those who are useful, the assumed motivation behind them attempting to take control of the members of the School Living Club. This is confirmed, when they note that it's "unfair" for the Fallen Crew to not hand over new arrivals that might have tools or information.[4]

The need to leave the University at an eventual point, out of necessity, is implied to be behind their interest in the School Living Club, whose members may have knowledge of other survivors, sources of supplies, or places to take shelter.

The group has many weapons; such as crossbows, bats, armors, full-face helmet. Furthermore, they also have equipment such as loudspeakers and passenger cars.

Due to Shino and Ayaka going their separate ways and the deaths of Kougami, Takashige, and Takahito, the Melee Fight Crew has dissolved and is no longer active. This makes it the first club in the series to be disbanded.

Members Edit

Character Joined Additional Notes
Takahito-iconTakahito Tougo
before chapter 40 Takahito appears to be the leader of this faction.
before chapter 40 Ayaka appears to be the 2nd-in-command.
Renya-iconRenya Kougami
before chapter 40 One of the first people seen by the School Life Club.
Sino-iconSino Uhara
before chapter 40
  • Noted—by Ayaka—to be "very important" to them and their survival.
  • The Melee Fight Crew's primary zombie killer.
  • Leaves the Melee Fight Crew in Chapter 53 and joins The Fallen Crew.
before chapter 42

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