It has everything. It is just like our own country.

Yuki, Chapter 1 (page 9)

Megurigaoka High School

Megurigaoka High School before the infection

Megurigaoka High School (巡ヶ丘学院高等学校 Megurigaoka Gakuin Kōtō Gakkō?) was the school that Yuuri Wakasa, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuki Takeya, Miki Naoki, and Kei Shidou attended, as well as Akiko Kamiyama and Megumi Sakura's place of work.

This school served five (known) clubs: student council, the scuba club, the garden club (also known as the "horticulture club"), the track and sports club, and School Life Club.

Unlike most high schools, Megurigaoka High Private School had facilities that could sustain a group of people for extended periods of time, this includes: solar powered electricity, underground water collection and filtration systems, garden for growing crops as well as an underground shelter. This school had also featured a school store and has showers that provide hot water, a water tank, and a PA System to broadcast messages throughout the school. When the hordes of zombies bursts into the school during the rain, the electricity generators were damaged.

After the outbreak occurred, the school was littered in zombies (former students) whom were still driven by their past memories.

Known Attendees

Character Notes
Akiko-iconAkiko Kamiyama
  • Teacher
Megumi-iconMegumi Sakura
Yuki-iconYuki Takeya
Kurumi-iconKurumi Ebisuzawa
Yuuri-iconYuuri Wakasa
Miki-iconMiki Naoki
Kei-iconKei Shidou
Takae-iconTakae Yuzumura
  • 3rd year student
  • seen in the school in episode 12
Senior-iconKurumi's senior
  • graduate
  • former Track and Sports club member