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Meeting (であい Deai?) is the 11th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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11 04A

Yuuri tossing a glow stick

The School Life Club members are fleeing from a horde of zombies. Tossing glow sticks, they were able to temporarily distract them and run past them.

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl had thought she heard someone. She shouts, "Somebody!"[1] but only gets a response of moaning zombies.

Rii-san, Yuki, and Kurumi, luckily, fled away from the zombies. Unluckily, Yuki had a fever, thus they take a short break. Later, Yuki fell asleep on Rii-san's lap. During this time, Kurumi discusses with Rii-san about what she saw. According to her, she saw many zombies who tried to survive just like them, but failed. Rii-san still has some hope for possible survivors. Kurumi agrees, but now has doubts about it.

11 11A

Unnamed girl shocked to find toppled boxes

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl decides to take her leave and sneaks out. Walking to the stairwell, she realizes that the barricade had collapsed. Walking along the way, she spots a few active glow sticks laying on the ground. Catching herself and picks it up. On the fourth floor, the girl then walks around the area, finding many more active glow sticks. Suddenly, she heard some talking and shouts, "Wait!"[2]
11 13A

Unnamed girl shouting "Wait!"

Another shout and Yuki began to question if anyone heard something. Rii-san was confused while Kurumi declines, saying that it was probably some mall security shouting. Yuki decides to act and began running back inside to find the mysterious voice.

Back inside the mall, the mysterious girl is stuck on top of the piano by the entrance surrounded by a mob of zombies. She frantically continues to shout for help. When Yuki, Kurumi, and Rii-san arrives, she—confusingly—begins to walk towards them. Rii-san shouts for her to stay put. However, in the moment, she had kept walking. Kurumi notices this and begins to shout for her to stop. Nonetheless, she had stepped right into the mob of zombies and fell unconscious.

Yuki was going in to help her. Though, Kurumi had held her back with her backpack, telling her that it was too late. A sudden flashback triggers a moment about Megumi and Yuki takes off without her backpack to rescue her. Kurumi is following along now. Now surrounded by zombies, Rii-san shouts for everyone to cover their ears for that she was going to trigger Yuki's anti-crime buzzers. Stunning the zombies, the group managed to escape. The mysterious girl's final thought was, "I want to keep moving forward with my eyes fixed on what's ahead... because I don't want to live with regret. That was what I thought..."[3]

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