Making a Stopover (よりみち Yorimichi?) is the ninth chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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09 03A
Along the way to the mall, the School Life Club members kept driving into dead ends or blocked roads. Later, Rii-san asked if Kurumi wanted to switch places and they do. After switching, Kurumi couldn't navigate with a map. Unsure of where to go, Yuki points out they're location and had it been that Kurumi and Yuki swapped places as well.
09 14A

Kurumi returning home

A few minutes later, Kurumi spots her house and shouts to stop. Yuki began to ask if she wanted to go and check in since they've been at the school for a long time. Kurumi agrees and enters her house. Inside, Kurumi looks for her parents but finds no one. Then heading to her room, she lays down for a moment. Finally, she returns to the group.
09 23A
Later, Kurumi sat outside from the car. Rii-san hands her a drink and they discuss about possible rescue teams outside of the school. And that they'll just have to wait for a hero to rescue them. Suddenly, Yuki interrupts and shouts, "Naive!"[1] then goes off saying, "You can't wait for a hero! We'll become the heroes!"[1] Kurumi argues, "This isn't Manga!"[2] The scene continues with Yuki talking...
09 26A

Kurumi's letter to her befallen parents

Back at Kurumi's house, at the dining room table, Kurumi had left a letter which read...

Dear papa and mama,

I'm doing well,
I'm living at the school right now.
If you are nearby, please pay me a visit.


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