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I hit myself with a hammer...

Chapter 12 (page 24)

Leader (actual name unknown) was a boy who lead Miki and Kei to their refuge on the top fifth floor of the mall. Kei later appeared to have a crush on him a few days after.

Appearance Edit

Leader was a young teenager who wore a sweatshirt that was unzipped, a horizontally striped t-shirt, a pair of pants that went down halfway to his lower legs, and a pair of shoes.

Personality Edit

Leader had great leadership skills, which was well seen when he and his group were returning from salvaging the mall.

Relationships Edit

Kei Shidou Edit

After a few days in, Kei appeared to have liked Leader and may begin to pout when she sees him with another girl in their group.

Kei was in tears to see that Leader was burning, upon his death.

Story Edit

Chapter 12
12 15A
While searching in the clothes store, Leader finds Miki and Kei hiding in a fitting room.

Later, at their refuge, he calls out to stop their search. Miki questions him if he had known what was going on; however, he wasn't too sure and had asked everyone else. Afterwards, he has told Miki that they will be physically checked for bite marks. Miki was confused but Leader tells her that the zombies have a hard time trying to climb up the stairs. He also notes that a lot of people who didn't make it were on the lower floors.

One day, Miki and Kei were making their bed room sign. Leader had walked up and Kei smiled.

Another day, Miki spots Kei and Leader talking to each other.

Some time later, Leader and his group returned. Kei welcomes his return. He then pulls out a bottle of wine as a bonus.

During their party, another girl spots a bandage on Leader's hand and asks him about it. He quickly hides it and explains that he had hit himself with a hammer. The girl hugs his arm and Kei becomes a little upset.

Leader and everyone who were at the party had fell asleep. The leader had foam by his mouth. A closer look at Leader reveals that his bandage actually hid a bite mark.

Soon, Miki heard a noise and had woken Kei up. After a scream, Kei runs out to find that he was burning.

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