It was the most lethal weapon in trench warfare...

Kurumi to Yuki, Chapter 1 (page 10)

Shovel-kun is a common item that Kurumi carries around. She claims that it is her choice of weapon and is the only character to use it (with the exception of Miki, in chapters 19 and 20) to strike it against zombies.

Because Kurumi is the only character that uses and carries this, Yuki came to believe—in chapter 8 and episode 8—that Kurumi is deeply in love with it and asked her if she'll marry it. Yuki was also heard calling Kurumi's shovel "Shovel-kun" in episode 8.

At the end of episode 2, Yuki says that Kurumi is so cool. She then says that Megumi should carry a shovel as well. Megumi appears and argues that she can't carry heavy objects. Despite this, Yuki says that they'll have to call her "Shovel-sensei" instead.

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