Yuki is trying to walk through a group of students to get to her friends, as they walk away. Shouting for them to, "Wait for me!"[1] The whole crowd is gone but Megu-nee appears, telling her, "Don't run in the corridor!" Yuki turns around to see her and Megumi leads the way to their classroom. Upon opening the doorway, Yuki sees what the classroom actually looked like (blood everywhere, flipped desks, with no one around). She freaks out and turns to Megumi, who was missing. Holding her [Yuki's] hands out, there was a bloody ribbon (likely from Megumi)... Yuki wakes up from this nightmare, she realizes that everyone else was already awake.

Yuuri and Miki are waiting for Kurumi to recover. While so, the two discuss about Megumi... Ending the discussion, Yuuri thought, "It would have been better if she never tried to hide it from us-"[2] Miki interrupts by hugging her and [Miki] explains that it was she [Megumi] was just trying to stall time to (or wait for them to) calm them down. Yuuri realizes that they took too long to calm down and asked, "She... didn't forget, did she?"[3] [Miki] Replied, "That would never have happened."[4]

Miki returned to the bedrooms and found Yuki sleeping. She undresses and heads to sleep as well. Moments later, Miki was out cold (asleep) and Yuki gets up. And heads into the club room. Yuki saw Yuuri sleeping on a desk and decided to cover her up with a blanket. She, then, heads over to Kurumi, still in handcuffs, and removed the handcuffs. Later, wiping off Kurumi's sweat and tells her, "I'll stay here with you. I... don't want to... lose you..."[5] Kurumi's hand moves up behind her.

Yuuri woke up the next day, finding that Kurumi recovered (and Yuki was asleep on her lap). Kurumi shushed Yuuri. Yuuri runs in to give Kurumi a hug. Later, Miki walks in, looking down until discovering that Kurumi was ok, smiled, and said, "Good morning, everyone."[6] Having that said, they replied, "Good morning!"[7]


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