Farewell (おわかれ Owakare?) is the 29th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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29 03A

More potato chips Yuki!

The School Life Club members are chatting while eating some potato chips. When Yuki finds that they were out of potato chips, she left to get some more. After she left, Rii-san asked about the things that happened outside. From this, Kurumi and Miki explains...

Kurumi became overwhelmed by the amount of zombies. Luckily, the PA system went off and had distracted the zombies long enough for her to strike first.

29 11A
Kurumi also explained that the zombies can catch on fire, easily. Yuki returns with more potato chips and asked if the others can help her clean up the place. They agree and are now walking along the corridors with mops and brooms.

Yuki runs off into a classroom. As she finishes cleaning up the classroom, she spots a downed zombie, moaning. A moment of thought, she talks to the zombie. Telling her that she was doing some club activities. Whilst so, the zombie was crawling to her.

29 22A

Run, Run!

From that instance, Yuki's delusion began to fall apart and she attacks. Afterwards, she fled. Frantically running down the corridors, she repeated the reasons why she loved school. Finally, arriving to the School Life Club room, she broke up in tears. Soon after, Yuki gave Miki a hug, after she found her that was.

Rii-san, on the roof, sees that the garden was burnt. She was happy to say that she no longer had to keep records anymore.

29 29A
Miki and Yuki are inside the School Life Club room. Finding some old equipment, Miki finds the graduation album. From that, Yuki took hold of it and was glad it survived the fire. Quickly, Miki took a picture.

Kurumi, while looking through the wreckage, finds a pistol, a map, and more vaccines.

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