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Fallen Crew

At the time of the outbreak, everything was out of control and students would attack each other. To prevent this, the Melee Fight Crew was created. Interestingly enough, the Melee Fight Crew had strict rules, rules that Hikako Kirai, Aki Hikarizato, and Touko Deguchi didn't like following. Thus the three girls left and reformed into Fallen Crew (or The Crew).

According to Touko, The Crew is so relaxed, they don't do body checks, unlike the Melee Fight Crew.

Members Edit

Character Joined Additional Notes
Touko-iconTouko Deguchi
before chapter 37 Touko is the club president, but a bit of a slacker at times.
Aki-iconAki Hikarizato
before chapter 37
  • Very bold and occasionally takes on a leadership role in the club.
  • Abandoned the Melee Fight Crew due to spotting Ayaka smiling at the graveyard
Hikako-iconHikako Kirai
before chapter 37
  • The craftsman and repairman of the club.
  • Was originally "not chosen" to stay with the Melee Fight Crew due to her inability to kill zombies
Rise-iconRise Ryougawara
before chapter 39 The librarian of the club.
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