Enrolment (にゅうがく Nyuugaku?) is the 37th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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37 03A
The mysterious boy shot an arrow at Rii-san and Ruu! Swiftly, Kurumi tossed her shovel and intervened. This surprised him and Kurumi gets up. While so, he reloads and shouts that they could be infected. Yuki shouts, "Bullies... are bad!"[1] This froze everyone for a second then Kurumi tells him that they'll be taking their leave and so they do. Upon leaving, a girl with binoculars was looking out at them.

Back in the RV, Miki was patching up Rii-san. Later, Kurumi and Miki left to talk to these guys.

Rii-san is looking outside from the window and spots Kurumi and Miki fleeing from two masked men. The two runs into the RV and they drive off. One of the two pursuers began to shout, "STOP!!"[2]

Looking back, they see a car driving after them. Panicking, they heard something on the radio. Listening, someone told them to enter through the back gate.

37 18A
Driving towards the back of the university, three girls are seen opening the gates and flagging them to go in and they do so. The car that was pursuing them drove up, but turned around and drove off. Rii-san and the others got out the RV. Afterwards, the three mysterious girls welcomed them to Saint Isidore University.

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