It's just an ordinary emergency manual. It's got nothing to do with this. But what if it does?

Megumi, uncertain about the manual's contents, Chapter 22 (page 9)

For the translated manual, see User blog:Cheironyx/Bonus 3

The emergency response manual is a document that held confidential information about the unforeseen events.

In the manga adaption, it was discovered in Megumi's bookshelf while Miki was looking through her stuff at the end of chapter 17. At the start of chapter 18, she had revealed her findings to Kurumi and Rii-san.

In the anime adaption, it was found in a hidden compartment by Yuki, Miki, and Rii-san in episode 8.

In chapter 22 (or episode 3), it was revealed that Megumi had obtained this manual a long time ago from the vice principal of Megurigaoka Private High School. Despite obtaining the manual, she was instructed to not read the contents since one of the three requirements listed on the front of the manual were required before opening it.

Right after the outbreak begins, Megumi had proceeded on to open it. However, every time when she had tried to read it, Yuki and the others would distract her from doing so. Later, in a restroom stall, she finally begins to read it and, as expected, the manual contained information about the potential threat of an outbreak. Another day later, Kurumi and the others were blockading the hallways on third floor. While they were doing this, Megumi had thought to herself that she'll tell them about her discovery when things begin to settle down...

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