Dog (わんこ Wanko?) is the 17th chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.

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Miki officially joins the School Life Club! Yuki congratulates her for joining then departs for class.

The others are now talking about Yuki. They eventually shifted the whole conversation from Yuki, herself, to her acting like a dog (specifically a puppy). From this, the two told Miki to never mention a "puppy" or "dog" to Yuki due to some past event. Miki doesn't understand, so Rii-san tells her about it...

Long lost beloved, Taromaru

One day, Yuki ran inside of the School Life Club room with a puppy in hand. Kurumi wanted to hold him but Yuki declines. Megumi gets up to inspect him. Unexpectedly, he was already bitten. To cover this up, Megumi tells them that he appears to have had worn a collar, thus he already has an owner. To prevent further conflicts, Megumi also said that she'll keep him with her until the owner returns. Someday later, Megumi was writing in her diary and viewing the emergency response manual. Looking up, the infection already got to the best of him. Some more time later, Megumi tells them that the owner had returned. From this, Yuki felt heartbroken and had hoped that Taromaru—the name that Yuki gave him—was doing well.

Miki wondered what happened afterwards. Kurumi speculates that she had simply tossed him out, though, it didn't end there...

One day when eating a meal, Yuki heard some scratching noises against the door. Kurumi ignores it but decides to check it out anyways. Peaking out, she spots Taromaru.

After explaining this, Rii-san, Miki, and Kurumi discuss about the possibility of the zombies retaining their memories thus return to a special place. Now discussing about what happened at the mall, Miki was wondering what would've happened if Yuki and Miki had turned... and if they were willing enough to kill them, if necessary. Rii-san answered partially, saying that she would have to think about it first... or at least, that's what Megumi would had said anyways. Rii-san continues, "I don't think she would know, either. We'd only know when the time comes."[1] Miki has more thought into the story now, saying that she'd like to meet Megumi that the two keeps on talking about. Thus bringing this discussion to a close.

Manual Get!

Later, Miki was looking over some of Megumi's stuff. Kurumi and Yuuri had told her that they didn't want to read her diary for personal reasons; however, Miki decides to read it herself anyways. While going through her things, Miki was shocked to discover that Megumi had the book she was looking for (in chapter 15). Opening it, a manual falls out. As she bends down to pick it up, she realizes that Megumi might have known something about the outbreak.

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