Crack (きれつ Kiretsu?) is the 42nd chapter in the Gakkou Gurashi! manga.


Inside the Melee Fight Crew headquarters, they discuss about the newcomers and wondered how they, too, survived. Kougami was thinking about waiting for rescue but the others replied that they've been waiting for a long period of time. They, lastly, discuss about the fact that The Crew have most of their resources.

Touko, looking outside, tells the others that they're going to go outside! They discuss about other survivors.

From the previous chapter...

Miki is talking to the chemistry teacher. They discuss about why she had chosen to remain hidden and tells her about some other things.

42 13A
Back with Touko Seminar, Touko is planning the Club camping day plan. In general, they head off to the Randall Corporation. Kurumi asks who was going, considering that the RV does not have the capacity to carry everyone. Yuki should argue that everyone should go but Aki says that not everyone must go anyways. This meant the groups are forced to split up: one to keep watch of the school and one to go see the Randall Corporation. Rii-san doesn't want to leave because she didn't want to take her (Ruu). The others look at her in silence.

Yuuri was running laps; according to Yuki, she broke her old record. Now in the showers, Miki walks in with Ruu, asleep, and hands her over to Yuuri. While walking, Miki tells Yuuri that she considered on tagging along on going on the trip. Yuuri understands and tells her that she knows that the trip is important but she can't take her. Miki sees her point but hesitates from saying something.

42 21A
Miki, with Kurumi, is discusses about the status of School Life Club. Where she had never thought that one day, they'll have to go so far that they will have to separate. Kurumi tries to cheer her up by saying, "They say when there is a meeting, there is a goodbye, too"[1] Miki wondered why she, too, was saying such things but Kurumi hopes that when they start prepping the trip, Yuuri might change her mind. They discuss once more about Yuuri, that she is safer if she remained on campus.

Miki's, resumed, flashbacking from the end of the previous chapter, the unknown girl tells Miki that the outside world most likely no longer exists. This assumption is taken into account because no one tried to contact via radio or satellite. Thus, "It is safe to assume that the countries were all destroyed"[2]

Inside campus, Sino was walking into Ren's room and tells him goodnight. Walking outside to look out the window; she pats her stomach. Back inside, Ren was began breathing heavily.

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